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Phone Sex

"Have you ever had phone sex?"

"…What the hell, Lorna?!"

"Answer the question, Lize."


As Lorna walked off with that smirk on her face, I never knew how much trouble it would have gotten me into.


How I ended up in this predicament by saying that I never had phone sex, I have no idea. I was just reading my book when Lorna came up behind me and blindfolded me, picked me up, threw me on our bed, stripped me, and tied me up!

"Well Liza. How are ya doing?" Lorna walked into the room. Liza couldn’t answer with the ball gag tied around her head and blocking out her words.

"Hnnngh!" Liza tried to whine Lorna’s name to let her go.

"Tsk tsk, Liza. You shouldn’t try talking with your mouth full. Don’t you know that it’s impolite?" Lorna grinned wickedly at Liza, a gleam in her eye. "We’re gonna try something new tonight Lize. How d’ya like that?"

"NNN!" Liza tried to move, but because of her position with all four appendages tied to the corners of their bed, she could barely even thrust upward. Lorna was very pleased with this, and ran her fingers up and down Liza’s naked torso teasingly.

"Aw, Liza. Don’t try to run away! Why would you want to? You’re about to have the time of your life!" Lorna leaned forward and pulled the blindfold down so it was loose around Liza’s neck. She stood up and shed all her clothing slowly, teasingly. Liza had no choice but to watch her sexy sister slowly unzip her hoodie and let it fall off her shoulders, then the shirt. She pulled it off by crossing her arms and grabbing the bottom corners of her shirt and pulling it up over her head. Her star necklace jingled as she did this.

Liza thought back to that day. Their last anniversary where Liza had given it to her claiming she was her lucky star. How cheesy she thought to herself, but it worked, Lorna was completely entranced by the necklace. Never taking it off except to shower. Liza grinned at the thought and was snapped back into reality by Lorna’s belt clinking. She looked back over and saw her sister’s belt and button open, she pulled down the zipper of her orange jeans and slowwwly and pulled the jeans off her body.

The lump in the front of her boxers had proven what she was intending to do (as if Liza hadn’t known already). Lorna was wearing a pump-up strap-on. It was pretty erect from what Liza could see. Lorna sensually pulled on her boxer waistband and pushed them off, kicking them into the pile of clothing on the floor. She got back on the bed and groped Liza’s now half-wet pussy, grinning at the brunette.

"Looks like someone got excited by my show, huh?" Lorna stroked Liza’s pussy until she was gushing. Slowly moving so that Liza could feel every squeeze Lorna subtly included with every uplift.

Liza groaned into the ball gag, saliva trickling down her chin because she had no control over it. Lorna leaned up and licked the saliva that was dripping down and kissed the ball gag. She licked and kissed her way over to Liza’s ear where she licked the shell and blew on it. Liza shivered at the sensations.

Lorna took the lobe into her mouth and sucked on it harshly. Liza groaned and leaned her head back, her hips tried to thrust into Lorna’s hand, but she really didn’t have any way to.

Lorna grinned and pulled back from Liza completely making her whimper.

"Not yet, Liza. We still have the main event." She leaned back in and tied the blindfold back up on Liza’s eyes so she was submerged into darkness again. She felt Lorna get off the bed and heard her rummaging around in the clothing.

Lorna got back up and walked to the dresser pulling something out of it, closing it and walking back to the bed. She climbed back on and crawled over to Liza.

Lorna popped open a bottle of lube and slicked up something, then slipped it down Liza’s pussy all the way to her asshole. Liza gasped at the cold and whined when she figured out what was happening. She groaned in frustration at not being able to do anything and being virtually helpless.

Lorna smiled evilly at this and grabbed the toy. She lubed that up too and set it aside for later. She leaned down to Liza’s pussy and started licking harshly, pushing up against Liza’s entrance and rubbing her tongue hard around the rim and her perineum. Liza groaned through the ball gag at this, her legs shaking lightly because she couldn’t move, and her head being tossed back into the pillows behind her.

When Lorna deemed Liza wet enough, she picked up the lubed toy and pushed it into Liza. She pushed it until Liza moaned loudly signaling that she’d hit her g-spot. She left it pressed up against her skinny sister’s sweet spot. She brought out the remote that went with it and placed it at her side for later use.

She leaned forward and whispered in Liza’s ear, “Here’s the good part Lize.” She pulled out an unknown object and started messing with it. She held it up against Liza’s cunt as she clenched it. When it pressed up against her she felt that it was Lorna’s dirt old, beat up, hand-me-down, Motorola flip phone. She wondered what the hell Lorna was doing at the moment…

Then she felt it. Buzzzz….buzzzz….buzzzzz. Liza jerked violently at the sensation that assaulted her rock hard clit and moaned the loudest she had that night. At the same time that the 2nd buzz came on, Lorna used her other hand to turn the vibrator on low. Liza probably wouldn’t have even felt it if it wasn’t pressed right up against her g-spot. Wet spots formed underneath the blindfold cloth and Lorna knew it was from the pleasure she was receiving.

The drool from her mouth was running helplessly down her chin and onto her tits. Lorna leaned up and licked on Liza’s nipples and then licked up Liza’s drool, then went back to sucking on her right nipple. The movement and the place that Lorna now was at, had the phone situated so that the top was pressed up right against the bottom of her clit, so the next time it went off, Liza screamed out in pleasure.

Her head was spinning, she couldn’t take all the pleasure. It didn’t help that at that moment, Lorna was grasping for the remote to the vibrator and accidentally turned it up to setting 4. And while that may seem low, the thing was a monster and it still had many more settings to go! The vibrator was shaking more inside of Liza’s cunt. She tried to clench her walls to make it stop but it ended up pushing harder against her walls and she pushed it further into her g-spot.

Liza was screaming and moaning and would make a prostitute sound pale in comparison.

Lorna was loving this. “So look Lize! Now you’ve had my version of phone sex. Isn’t it great? I’ve set the alarm to go off for 5 minutes every 10 minutes. So it’ll be 5 minutes on, 5 minutes break, 5 minutes on, and so on.” Lorna leaned back from sucking at Liza’s tits and grabbed another few items from her pile on the bed next to her.

The first was a green ribbon; it went well with Liza’s hair anyway. She took it and tied it all around Liza’s crotch, making sure it was extra tight so the phone wouldn’t be able to fall off or slip from its position at all. She let go when she finished tying it up and with the weight, it dropped onto Liza’s groin. Lorna picked up some nipple clamps and put them on Liza as well, turning them on to show that they were vibrators as well!

Liza couldn’t take the pleasure, it was too much, but she couldn’t release.

Lorna leaned down to Liza’s exposed asshole and started licking it quickly. Liza moaned more. Lorna’s right hand reached up to pull Liza’s blindfold down again so she could see what Lorna was doing. It was a good thing she had pillows behind her head to keep it supported or else her head would have fallen back and she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the show.

Lorna moved up and sucked one pussy lip into her mouth and then the other as well! She sucked them as deep into her mouth as she could, her face completely buried in Liza’s nether regions an then she began swallowing, tightening her mouth and then licking the puckering of her asshole with her tongue, suck, lick, suck, lick. It was killing Liza, the pleasure was just too overwhelming.

Liza screamed as she reached a dry orgasm. It was horrible, the phone went off again just at that time. Her juices were dribbling from her wanting hole and running down the outside of the ribbon, not touching the phone, but it was making a mess in Lorna’s hair. It was pouring out uncontrollably and Liza was in such pleasure it was killing her.

Then Lorna let go of her pussy. Liza groaned as the lips that were once encased in such warmth were suddenly revealed to the cold air of the room. Lorna hopped off the bed and went and got some more things from the dresser.

She came back and Liza whimpered and groaned and shook her head frantically. But when she heard a grunt and then a groan come from Lorna, she looked over to see Lorna putting the vibrating nipple clamps on herself, then shoved a lubed up vibrator up her snatch as well. There was even a belt she hooked on that would keep the dildo from coming out. And then she also had one stick that she didn’t know what it was for…

Right now, the phone was off, but Lorna turned the vibrator in her cunt up to level 7. The monster was vibrating so hard that Lorna could feel it from where she was sitting in front of Liza on the bed!

Liza finally thought she’d get her release, but instead, Lorna took the stick she had and picked up the phone attached to her pussy. Lorna had left the top open so that Liza’s juices could flow out freely (the proof was in her hair) and also for another reason apparently.

Liza was about to figure out that reason and what that stick was for. The metal was cold as it touched her skin. It was also cold because of the slick layer of lubrication that was applied quickly on it. Liza wondered what Lorna was doing and then shrieked as the rod was slid into her urethra. Lorna pulled the rod in and out carefully, she knew this was a dangerous toy, but she also knew it cause a ton of pleasure.

She pulled the rod in and out slowly but the feeling of the rod inside at all was making Liza go wild.

Liza felt like her cunt was being fucked from the inside, it was amazing, it was, it was too much! She was gonna…! What?


Lorna laughed and panted at Liza’s face as she snapped open her eyes. She thought she was going to be able to cum this time! Why was…oh shit.

Lorna saw the realization dawning on her sister as her eyes darkened and turned toward her.

"That’s right baby, you won’t be able to cum with this baby inside." Lorna grinned evilly at Liza and Liza glared back. She’d been denied her orgasm so many times that she’d dry orgasmed twice already! She was done, just absolutely done. This was pissing her off and now that she thought about piss, she really did have to pee.

Her eyes went wide when she realized this. She tried to tell Lorna. “MMM! GGGNNNN! HGGGN!” Liza’s eyes widened and she looked frantic. Lorna stopped pushing the rod and left it there, using both hands to untie the ball gag behind Liza’s head.

"Baby, did I hurt you?" Lorna spoke concerned and also very, very worried that she’d permanently screwed up her sister’s anatomy. Liza panted and huffed for a bit before she replied, "No, no you didn’t hurt me. It feels soooo good. But I…I really have to pee right now!"

Lorna just smirked and leaned back on her heels. “Ok baby.” She took the rod back into her hand and kept pushing it in and out pleasuring Liza again. This time she was able to hear Liza moan clearly and she turned the vibrator up to level 10. It still wasn’t even the highest level and it was jiggling Liza’s ass even through the binds she was shaking.

Liza screamed, “Lorna! Lorrrnaaaaaaaaaaaa! Stop! I-I’m gonna-!” Yellow liquid came spurting out and wouldn’t stop. It was spraying everywhere because of the rod blocking off much of the passage way. At that moment the phone decided to go off again.

Liza cried out and closed her eyes, the warm piss splashed onto her chest and all over Lorna, some of it even splashed onto Lorna’s pussy and made it twitch violently and grow even wetter.

Liza started crying out of embarrassment because the piss just wouldn’t stop. Lorna just let go of the rod by now and let it sit there and let the piss spray out around. It just wouldn’t stop.

Lorna watched in fascination as Liza’s cunt twitched and the piss sprayed even more and farther. “Jeez Liza, how much have you been saving up? When was the last time you pissed, man?”

Liza kept her eyes closed and sobbed out, “Ahhh, uwahhh…..ungh….I-I think…a day ago…but… nngh…but I also drank that Coke earlier…AH!”

Lorna watched as the piss finally stopped. Amazingly, because of the rod, none of the pee had even hit her cunt, it had sprayed absolutely everywhere else.

Lorna looked up at Liza and saw her tears of embarrassment.

"Come on Liza, it’s ok. Ready?"

Lorna reached down to Liza and pulled out the rod, she took off the nipple clamps and turned off the vibrator and pulled it out, she untied the ribbon and put everything to the side, she put her phone on the other side where it wasn’t in a pool of piss and then took everything off of herself.

She turned and leaned over Liza so they were in an awkward 69 position and wiggled her snatch in Liza’s face. “You suck mine, I’ll suck yours.”

Lorna immediately pushed her head down onto Liza’s pussy and swallowed the juices down her throat. She started sucking and swallowing and moaning causing vibrations, Liza took Lorna’s clit into her mouth before she came, determined to make Lorna cum before her.

They both sucked as hard as they possibly could and after a few minutes the both of them came at the same time moaning in ecstasy.

Lorna got up and untied Liza and pushed all the toys to the floor. She slipped them both under the covers and held Liza close to her. “I love you, Liza.”

She hugged Liza close and then moved over. She reached into the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a lighter, she flicked it on and brought out a cupcake with a candle in it and lit it. “I love you so much, Liza. Happy Birthday.”

"Lorna…You remembered! Thank you so much! I thought that everyone had forgotten! Thank you so much!" She blew out the candle and pulled the candle out and tossed it onto the desk on her side. She bit off a piece of the cupcake and kissed Lorna pushing some of her cupcake into her mouth.

They ate the cupcake together laughing and getting icing all over their faces.

Finally, Lorna put the wrapper on the bedside table and pulled the covers up over the both of them and put her arm around Liza, pushing her head into her own chest.

"Goodnight. I love you."

Lorna’s side of the Sister Wives.


Okay, so what you saw on the other ratchet ass blog was lies. LIES. That bitch was makin up some ghetto ass stuff about me. Not true. This is the Lorna Story. *Dramatic Music*

The Family

November 21, 1957.

It was my 7th birthday and Liza, my bitch oldest sister, was at the godawful age of 11. Little bitch was undeveloped as hell, nigga’s uterus wasn’t bleeding yet. I mean, mine wasn’t either, but I can imagine how it was. Since Daddy always said, “God Dammit Judy, are you on your period?” So I guessed having your period is being drunk all the time. Sounded like my kinda week.

Liza was always trying to steal my thunder, whenever I did something good, like swallow semen, Liza had to go and put two dicks in her mouth and one up me. Bitch. I just wanted her to wait until my Broadway/Bedazzling Company/Judy Garland Drag Queen/Liza Minnelli Drag Queen/Cher/Professional Liar career took off. She would have been kissin’ my ass and suckin my clit then.

Joe Joe is my little brother, my bedazzling buddy, my slave. He’s the only one who will listen to me. I mean, he is tied to a chair with a cloth tied around his mouth, but that’s not important. I’m the one who got him into West Side Story! He absolutely adores Natalie Wood, and he thinks he is her. I’m sure he’ll find a Natalie Wood for himself one day. Oh wait, yeah, she’s dead. OH WELL, MAYBE A MAN THEN!

Mama was a drunk and she was the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oh hell naw, hold my vodka.

Daddy was the best thing in the world! He had such a good relationship with Liza too, I saw him go into her room sometimes and go lay down with her. I still don’t know why he was naked and Liza was shaking and crying, but he seemed to really enjoy doing it! He’d do it every night! I loved my Daddy, he was so perfect. Sometimes he’d beat me half to death with a pineapple, but he’d make it by saying, “Oh Lorna, I love you so much! Does this smell like chloroform to you?” And then I couldn’t really remember what happened after that, but I think he took me to Disneyland.

I love my family so freaking much.

August 16, 2013